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The Way of Torah

Translated by Rabbi David Sackton in association with by Rabbi Chaim Tscholkowsky

A composite of three books written by Rav Moshe Chaim Luzatto, Ramchal, which he considered to contain the key to the Talmud, the “operating system” for the entire Torah She’bal Peh. We all know that the thinking of our Sages is both profound and precise, but the Ramchal was the only one to set down their thought process in an organized, systematic, and complete program that can be taught and reproduced. Contains completely revised editions of two previously printed works, plus one never before translated into English; Hebrew with facing English text, including full-color study charts.
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Talmud Quest

An Android app made by Rabbi Chaim Tscholkowsky

Talmud Quest was created to help students master the key terms of the Gemorah. The terms are taken from The Students Guide to Talmud with the permission of its author of blessed memory, Rabbi Aryeh Carmel z”l and Feldheim Publishers. The 350 terms of the game represent the fundamental operating vocabulary used in Shas. Mastering these terms will give a student the ability to easily embark upon his great journey through the Sea of Talmud.
It is my hope that Talmud Quest will make memorizing these key terms easy and enjoyable.
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Talmud Quest

The Way of Talmud

Created by Rabbi Chaim Tscholkowsky

A English-Hebrew Kindle edition of Rabbi Yitzhak Companton’s Master Work on Talmud Study.
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